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How Hacktika Works?

Define A Project

You just need to pass 3 steps to define your growth hack project

Define Your Metrics

Find your most important metric to measure

Get Creative Ideas

We will give you at least 3 ideas per week to test, you can also test your owns

Sort & Nominate

Checkout ideas ICE score to find out which one is the best one to test

Start Exprimenting

Start testing the ideas, checkin the results and track your data

Add Results

Never lose any information, we will keep it safe

Getting AI Report

Receive AI powered reports and analyze your current situation

Exclusive Consults

Need an Exclusive Growth Hack consult with our experts? Contact Us


Who's Hacktika For?

Specialy made for:

  • Growth Teams:

    Optimize your customer journey by running high-tempo testing.

  • CRO Teams(Conversion Rate Optimizaition):

    as a CRO team you shuold alwayes run a/b tests and analyze the results.

  • Product and business dev. Teams:

    Test your new features & revenue lines across your whole product

  • Accelerators & Incubators:

    Accelerate your portfolio's progress and make sure they are always on track.

  • Agencies:

    Manage and monitor all your customers Growth journey at the same time

    Start Exprimenting

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Worked Ideas

It is time to move your growth process to the next level, Hacktika is here to help you in this journey, let's start!

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